Ch. Painted Trout Crimes of the Heart

Whelped:  February 13, 2006     CHIC #45965
Height at shoulder: 27.5 inches Championship Title - June 22, 2008
Weight: 129 pounds
CERF Eyes Normal - SMH-990/2011-61

OFA Cardiac - Normal - SMH-CA173/37M/C

Structure:   Nice sized male, with good bone, very athletic, beautiful neck shoulder tie, true front and solid level top line in motion.
OFA Hips - Good - SMH-1538G24M      
OFA Elbows- Normal - SMH-EL1341M24     Temperament:  Goofy silly boy, loves everyone, very playful, active and wants to take part in all activities. 
OFA Shoulders - Normal - SMH-447M21      
OFA Patella - Normal - SMH-PA306      See pictures of Felon's first litter here.


(16 months old)

Baby Felon - 11 Weeks old



Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Ch. Painted Mtn Cool Blue Maximus Ch. Snowy Mtn Fletcher Double D Ch. Snowy Mountain Ansel, ROM Ch. Schaffhausen's Anselm
Ch. Courtney
Ch. Shadetree's Ember, ROM Ch. LaGross Shimmy Shake CD
Shadetree's Bitzee
Ch. Sudnly Shdtre Ptdmtn Ontario Ch. Sudbach's Guiness Xtra Stout ROM Sennenhof's Mark
Saalbach's Ashenda v. Pilch
Suddanly Adelweis SeaVaRidge Echo Zachary
Shadetree-Sudbach's Catrina
BISS Ch. Trout Creek's Black Star Ch. Snowy Mtn Beauregard Zuger, ROM Ch. Garth of Drum Hill T.C. Sennenhof's Hermann
Britta of High Ridge
Ch. Courtney, ROM Ch. Nathan v. Agersenholz
Owl Creek Deena
BISS Ch. Snowy Mountain Flurry, ROM Ch. Snowy Mountain Ansel, ROM Schaffhausen's Anselm
Ch. Courtney, ROM
Ch. Shadetree's Ember, ROM Ch. LaGross Shimmy Shake
Ch. Shadetree's Bitzee


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