Painted Trout Tactical Camouflage 



Sire:  GCh. Korona Rossii Yaroslav RN    Dam:  Ch. Painted Trout Disorderly Conduct
Born:  March 30, 2011
co-owned with Phillip and Bridget Bush


Height (at shoulder):  28 inches  Weight (fit):  135 pounds. 

Health Clearances:

  • CHIC - 94322
  • Hips - Normal SMH-2231F
  • Elbows - Normal SMH-EL2057
  • Shoulders - Normal SMH-SH874
  • Eyes - Normal CERF SMH-381995

Ghillie is a big boy with lots of body and substance with substantial bone.  He is a very laid back sweet boy with a happy friendly attitude towards people and other dogs. 


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Ghillie 5 weeks of age Ghillie 2 years old Ghillie Ghillie November 2013 Ghillie April 2016 Ghillie 5 years old Ghillie April 2016 Ghillie April 2016

Titled Littermates

Ch. Painted Mtn's Reconnaissance, JHD - "Recon"


  Summit Farms Anika - eight puppies born January 3, 2014.  See further information at Summit Farms GSMD.
Painted Mtn's Saddle Up - nine puppies born June 29, 2016.  See our Elections Litter.


GCh. Korona Rossii Yaroslav, RN CH INT, RUS, GRAND, RKF, MOL, BUL, BALK, LIT, UKR Voyage de Joyeuses Gambades Titan du Shuunka Takan Roy de La Vigne Aux Vents
Deka v.d. Chrinneflue
Sara des Joyeuses Gambades Obelix de Saint Mansuy
Logane des Joyeuses Gambades
CH RUS, GRAND, RKF, MOL, Senta zum Ringo dem Grossen Baril des Avouillons Sebastian v. Ayala
Nala de la Lichouterie de Fraulein
Bessy-Loni zum Ringo dem Grossen Camarov .d. Erogolz
Lora v. Bonsai-Ranch
Ch. Painted Trout Disorderly Conduct Ch. He's Blue Mist's Hard Cash Ch. RidgeBridge Yukon Cody Ch. Shamrock Leader
Ch. Fella vom Fusse Des Oelirains
Ch. Shadetree's Unchained Melody Ch. Corner Creeks Shadetree Bach, ROM
Polyanna's Karmatym
Ch. Painted Mtn Truly Gifted Ch. Trout Creek's Jet Black Ch. Snowy Mtn Beauregard Zuger, ROM, CGC, TT
BISS Ch. Snowy Mountain Flurry, ROM, TT, HCT, CGC
Ch. Lone Star's Ptd Mtn Zippy Ai Ay, ROM, TT, LOM Ch. Shadetree's Eisen, ROM
Polyanna's Lone Star Blaze, ROM