Ch. Painted Mt Gimme All Yr Lovin, TT, JHD, ROM

(picture taken at 10 months)

Gimme earning her AHBA Junior Herd Dog Title -- November 2005

  Whelped:  July 29, 1999    Championship Title - July 16, 2000     
Height at shoulder:  26  inches Best in Sweepstakes GSMDCA 2000 
Weight:  110 pounds    National Specialty Show-10 months old
  CERF Eyes Normal - SMH-357/2002-34  

Best of Winners GSMDCA 2000 

OFA Hips Normal - SMH-674G   National Specialty Show-10 months old
  OFA Patella Normal - SMH-PA00086   Best in Sweepstakes 2000 NW 
  OFA Shoulders Normal - 837158     Regional Specialty
      Award of Merit 2001 GSMDCA    Western Regional Specialty
   Structure:   Beautiful head, nice bone   Best of Opposite Sex 2002 GSMDCA 
  and a substantial  body      NW Specialty
      AHBA  HCT Title - October 2000
Temperament:  Intelligent & Mischievous ATTs Temperament Tested - Sept. 2001
AHBA JHD Title - November 13,2005

Gimme has had two litters of puppies, for a total of 12 beautiful pups.  We are very proud of all of Gimme's kids and their owners, who have been very successful in the show ring as well as participating in many fun activities.  Following are some pictures shared by their owners:

Ch. Painted Mountain Kokanee - "Kokanee"

Owned and Loved by Regina Reese

  BOW at the 2003 GSMDCA SW Regional Specialty -- 6 months old AKC Champion -- May 2005 Drafting work  -- May 2005
Ch. Painted Mtn Still Water Chinuk, HCT - "Takoda"

Owned and Loved by Betsy Dowell and Renee Chambers


Takoda - 2 years

AKC Champion -- September 2005

AHBA HCT herding Title -- November 2005

Ch. Painted Mountain Pacific King - "Zoom"

Owned and loved by Gary Lewandowski


Zoom and his kid Ryan

AKC Champion -- May 2005

Sister Kokanee and Zoom -- May 2005

Ch. Painted Mtn Instant Attraction, HCT - "Kavan"

Owned and loved by Renee Chambers and Betsy Dowell


Kavan 14 months

AKC Champion -- November 2005

AHBA HCT herding Title -- November 2005

Painted Mtn Indelible Zori -- "Zori"

Owned and loved by Sara Delvecchio and Eric Rowe


Ch. Painted Mtn's Inside Affair - "Scandal"

Best in Sweepstakes - Cascade Specialty 2005

Best of Opposite Sex - Cascade Specialty 2006

Owned and loved by Painted Mountain


Painted Mountain Coho - "Cody"

(pictured with his aunt "Windy" - Painted Mtn's Poirier Whirlaway)

Owned and loved by Kyle and Julie Miller

Ch. Painted Mtn Wynsum Inception - "Seirra"

Best in Junior Showmanship- Cascade Specialty 2005  - Jennifer Stewart

Best of Winners- Cascade Specialty 2006

Owned and loved by Stacie Watson


Painted Mountain Golden - "Pace"


Owned and loved by the Ryan Family


Gimme's Pedigree:

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Ch. Snowy Mtn Beauregard Zuger, CGC, TT  

Ch. Garth of Drum Hill

TC Sennenhof's Herrmann Stefan v. Sennenhof
Verna v. Sennenhof
Britta of High Ridge Ch. Nathan v. Agersenholz
Sennenhof's Asta
Ch. Courtney, ROM


Ch. Nathan v. Agersenholz Dirass v. Amtssitz
Diana v. Ajala
Owl Creek Deena Ch. Allegro of High Ridge, CGC, ROM
Owl Creek Alexa
Ch. Sudnly Shdtre Ptd Mtn Ontario Ch. Sudbach's Guiness Xtra  Stout, ROM


Ch. Sennenhof's Mark, ROM Ch. Nathan v. Agersenholz
Ch. Yvette v. Sennenhof
Ch. Saalbach's Ashenda v. Pilch, CD, ROM Ch. Allegro of High Ridge, CGC, ROM
Barton Manor's Britta v Pilch
Suddanly Adelweis, ROM


SeaVaRidge Echo Zachary Ch. Dogwoods Donatello
SeaVaRidge's Cloud Nine
Ch. Shadetree-Sudbach's Catrina Hovern's Thunder
Ch. Krakatau Danish Delite, ROM



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